Executive Summary

“Creators shouldn't beg for money, we should beg for creators. "

Online entertainment is a rapidly growing market and nearly everyone consumes some form of entertainment content.

However, what few people ask is where the content comes from and how it is paid for. Very few content creators can live from their content alone, as they are either too unknown or have no access to suitable monetization methods. At the same time, conventional methods only offer options that either annoy the consumer or cost money.

Aboat Entertainment is building a media hub, combining the best of blockchain and online entertainment to unlock new earning and promotion opportunities for creators and their communities.

Use and earn

It doesn't matter if you listen to content, watch it, provide it yourself or just play. Earn free tokens for your activity.


We provide gamification features combined with our reward system to enable an incentivization of visibility. Despite the onboarding of "normal" users into web3 space in a fun and safe environment, we also provide the required visibility and feedback that creators need to improve and build their community by features like our task system.

Sustainable Ecosystem

To ensure that our reward system works in the long term, we have integrated various solutions to ensure sustainable token issuance and back integration.

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