Competitor Analysis

The first companies are daring to develop platforms that combine entertainment and blockchain and have already had small and large successes

  • Chilli combines crypto and (e-)sports. They allow holders to interact with their favorite sports teams and athletes through the token.

  • Theta has built an ecosystem for online videos and is implementing initial approaches to reward consumers for various activities while watching videos.

  • Audius builds a music streaming platform with blockchain technology and gives musicians direct access to their fans and clear ownership of their works.

You can tell that people are open to new technologies and approaches to online entertainment. But a lot of things still feel “ordinary”. Aboat Entertainment takes it to the next level with its ecosystem, connecting different aspects of online entertainment and adding the wonders of blockchain.

It's not just about returning ownership of their works to artists and levering out intermediaries. Rather, the fans should be actively involved and a completely new entertainment experience should be created by means of gamification.

Another area where Aboat Entertainment stands out is underdog preference. This aims to pull the focus a little away from the big and well known and shed more light on the new and lesser known artists.

The possibilities created by blockchain technology are far from being exhausted. The ABOAT ECOSYSTEM is intended to pave a new level in community-driven entertainment and, thanks to the combination of gamification and incentives, deliver added value for everyone involved. There is currently no project on the market that can deliver the same value and the team is aware that there is a lot of work ahead of them.

A clear advantage of the Aboat Entertainment team is the strong technical characteristics. This means that an MVP can already be provided, which can be published on any EVM-Compatible Blockchain like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc. in a timely manner. With the technical background, a very well thought-out idea, which has been tested and adapted several times, and a knowledge-hungry team, there is a lot of potential.

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