Direct Comparison

In a direct comparison you can see that there are different platforms from the online entertainment sector. However, there are no direct competitors in the niche that Aboat Entertainment initially aims to serve.

In addition, cooperation with existing products such as XCAD Network is possible, since the dual reward system from Aboat Entertainment can also be used to serve content creator tokens, which in turn could come from the XCAD Network.

The open infrastructure of Aboat Entertainment makes it possible to build on existing infrastructures without harming one of the respective ecosystems.

We aim to focus on niche sections like AMAs for the start. Even though every project and community is having those, no competitor puts a deeper interest into it. Through our dual reward system we can not only incentivize users with Aboat Token to listen and participate in an AMA. Projects can even drop their own tokens to incentivize different actions during the Livestream.

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