Private Users

The private users (consumers) make up the largest percentage of the community and the products are primarily built for the interaction between private users and content creators.

By combining blockchain technology, gamification and various incentives, users should be encouraged to engage in new content without feeling forced to do so. This is to give everyone the chance to discover new and unknown content creators who would normally have been lost in the flooded market.

At the beginning, the marketing activities are primarily aimed at users with experience in crypto, as blockchain platforms are already accepted here. In a later step, the target group will be expanded to include users with little or no blockchain experience. For this purpose, a product with the preliminary title "Training Room" is planned, which is intended to teach how to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in a playful and secure way.

In addition, the use of blockchain technology is not forced on anyone, so users also have the opportunity to use the platform regardless of the blockchain techniques used on it.

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