Fee Structure

  • 30 % Aboat Entertainment

  • 30 % Liquidity

  • 40 % Reward System

Each outgoing transaction triggers a fee of 1 – 5% depending on the amount of ABOAT TOKEN in the wallet. If the sender has at least 0.5% of the ABOAT TOKENs in circulation, this triggers a transaction fee of 5%.

Example A: Wallet contains 0.45% of the outstanding ABOAT => 4.5% fee

Example B: Wallet contains 0.05% of the outstanding ABOAT => 1% fee

Initially, the percentage is increased to 5-10% to stabilize ABOAT. As soon as the management of Aboat Entertainment determines a stabilization, this value will be reduced to the originally planned value of 1 - 5%. The team reserves the right to adjust the value depending on strategic/environmental factors.

ABOAT has implemented a security mechanism, whereby the maximum transaction fee is 10%.

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