DDM Flow

  1. 1.
    Create a proposal
    • Requirement for opening a proposal is a voting power of at least 2,000,000.
    • You can open 3 proposals at the same time. Once 3 Pre-Proposals are opened by you, you won't be able to submit another one until the voting is ended and your pre-proposals were cancelled or were approved to become a fully fledged proposal.
  2. 2.
    Pre-Proposal Voting
    • After a proposal is created it will become a pre-proposal. In this state the community has 2 days to vote for the proposal type (enhancement, feature, ecosystem). If no one votes for your pre-proposal it will be cancelled after the voting period ends.
  3. 3.
    Proposal Voting
    • The final stage of a proposal is where the community agrees or disagrees to a proposal.
    • Requirement for approval:
      • A proposal needs to be atleast X-Voting Power ahead depending on the proposal type:
        • Enhancement: 100,000,000 VP ahead of denied VP and atleast 10 Votees who approved
        • Feature: 200,000,000 VP ahead of denied VP and atleast 25 Votees who approved
        • Ecosystem: 500,000,000 VP ahead of denied VP and atleast 50 Votees who approved
  4. 4.
    • Approved proposals are rewarded. The creator will receive reward in ABOAT depending on the approved proposal type:
      • Enhancement: 200,000 ABOAT
      • Feature: 500,000 ABOAT
      • Ecosystem: 2,000,000 ABOAT