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Welcome aboard!

What is this aboat?

Aboat Entertainment is a german incorporated company and strives to develop blockchain-based online entertainment products in order to help new and upcoming content creators as well as their communities.

Founders Foreword

I discovered my passion for game development at a young age and have kept it to this day. I have spent most of my life improving my programming skills and personal development.

Why am I doing this? Some of my favorite childhood experiences were making games with my brother and getting positive feedback from avid gamers. Driven by this feeling, I wanted to realize myself and start as a game developer. Unfortunately, during my training and subsequent studies, reality caught up with me and I had to realize that you can't just live with developing games and providing interesting content.

But why? Very easily. Big companies and old structures don't want that. We have a financial system that dictates exactly how money should be earned, and big corporations don't care about the "small fish". Either you follow the rules or you get swallowed up.

In 2017 I had my first points of contact with the blockchain and I quickly became aware of the possibilities. In the beginning I just wrote trading bots that should trade automatically for me. When I got more and more involved with the Ethereum environment, I fell in love with the system. The possibilities that are offered seem to break up these old structures that I was familiar with and make room for new ones.

At the beginning of 2020, we noticed more often that the problem of monetization also applies to other entertainment areas than just gaming. And so the idea for Aboat Entertainment was born.

We don't just want to create a media hub, we want to change the way of monetization and thereby strengthen artistic freedom.

Thanks very much

Fabian Reichenberg Founder, CEO

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